[06/21/23] Paper RAMP: Hierarchical Reactive Motion Planning for Manipulation Tasks Using Implicit Signed Distance Functions accepted at IROS 2023.

[05/06/22] I will join Samsung Research in July 2022, working as a Research Scientist at the AI Center in New York!

[01/31/22] Paper A Hierarchical Deliberative-Reactive System Architecture for Task and Motion Planning in Partially Known Environments accepted at ICRA 2022.

[01/31/22] Paper Reactive Informative Planning for Mobile Manipulation Tasks under Sensing and Environmental Uncertainty accepted at ICRA 2022.

[12/03/21] Invited talk at the University of Washington’s Personal Robotics Lab.

[12/02/21] Invited talk at Cornell’s Robotics seminar.

[10/13/21] Invited talk at USC’s Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) seminar.

[09/15/21] I joined CSAIL - MIT to work as a postdoc with Nicholas Roy at the Robust Robotics Group.

[08/12/21] Paper Reactive Navigation in Partially Familiar Planar Environments Using Semantic Perceptual Feedback accepted to the International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR).

[07/19/21] A recording of the live portion of our RSS Workshop on Geometry and Topology in Robotics is now available here. All talks of our invited speakers are also available here.

[04/30/21] Invited talk on Reactive Planning with Legged Robots in Unknown Environments at the MIT CSAIL.

[04/14/21] Organizing a workshop on the role of geometric and topological methods in Robotics at RSS 2021.

[03/31/21] Guest lecture on Reactive Planning in Unexplored Semantic Environments for Vasileios Tzoumas’ class on Visual Navigation for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles at the University of Michigan.

[03/29/21] Started working as a Postdoctoral Researcher with Dan Koditschek and George Pappas at the GRASP Lab.

[03/15/21] Invited talk on Reactive Planning with Legged Robots in Unexplored Semantic Environments at the Georgia Tech IRIM Robograds seminar.

[03/02/21] Defended my dissertation with title “Reactive Planning with Legged Robots in Unknown Environments” - Recording available here.

[02/28/21] Paper Reactive Planning for Mobile Manipulation Tasks in Unexplored Semantic Environments accepted to ICRA 2021.

[11/02/20] Paper Motivation dynamics for autonomous composition of navigation tasks accepted to T-RO.

[10/17/20] Serving as a Program Committee member for IJCAI 2021.

[09/17/20] Invited talk on Doubly Reactive Methods of Task Planning for Robotics at the BIRS-CMO workshop on Topological Complexity and Motion Planning.

[07/17/20] Serving as a Program Committee member for RSS Pioneers 2021.